Crap (or WIP)

I have a lot of unfinished drawings. Because I'm so damn lazy, that I'm bored soon of them, abandoned them (Yes, I'm evil XD)

In any case, I keep hoping that one day can finish (also I'm naive, hahaha!)

This one was for fun. They are my two original characters, Raptor and Rowein (yes, the one of my nick). I'll try to make them like a scketchy drawing, but I fail OTL

Here, Raptor again with Keith, another OC.
This is the way I normally paint, and how I have already made good progress, I hope to finish it when I want it.

I made this one for a contest... but I never finished, hahaha!
I'm only did a part of lineart, I'm so lazy, holy crap!! orz
Well, I inspired in the song Broken, by Sonata Arctica

Is one of my favourite song of this group :D~

Oh Gareth, look what I've done to you!! D:
Poor little thing... In my "realist" period, I'll try to made my OC with that style. I never can do Gareth's hair, so I quit with this pic v_v
I'm bad doing hairs... is my karma
(Gareth is the one in my layout and icon)

Raptor, again... is my favourite character :)
I'll try to do some nice light effects with magic/fire ... but well, all end in nothing XD
(I like the jewel in his neck)

And in the last pic, I must warn you about it, because is very yaoi... a much more yaoi like a normally do (I mean, I never do yaoi, only shonen ai or something like that), so be careful

I made this fanart of Hiruma and Takami, from Eyeshield 21, because I just love that pairing, and never found some good art of them... Why, dear doujinkas? Why?! )_:

Oh, I try to do this one in Painter... such difficult program of hell...

Ok, I ended here XD.
Ah, sorry for my english... is very bad.



Valens is a character made by KidChan, a Malaysian artist that I admire so freaking much. She organized a contest and the winner was going to be in her Artbook. I won an honorable mention... or something like that, and one of the two pictures that I sent appeared in the book.
I'm so happy :D~
But this is not the winner... other day I posted it...



Arthur (or Arturo) is one of my OC. I created him with the King Arthur as inspiration (I'm a big fan of King Arthur's legends). I made this one whit ink... the anatomy is odd, I know OTL



Eniac, original character by Miss Belicosa, a great artist who I admire so much. Eniac is so much fun to draw, but I always drawing him with that evil smile or with inexpressive face *fail*
I did this one for her birthday.


Raptor Cyan

Lately, I been very fan of cyan color... I don´t know why, but is just adictive *3*
This is my beloved OC, Raptor, watching one of his magic butterflies (I love his sad look)


Eyeshield 21

Shin, from Eyeshield 21.
Sometimes, I like paint and draw in this kind of realistic style. I think he look very good.

A detail from his face *drool*