La tragedia de Altair

Well, this is a page of my story in Itaii Itaii... I hope all the people who can read it enjoyed :)
The script is by Javi Cuho, and the drawing by me.

The story is about Altair, a greek boy who is crying for his lost friend, who is a fisherman... then, a mistery guy appears and... Tachan!! surprise... :D


Itaii Itaii

The fourth edition of the magazine is ready to go out. Itaii Itaii returns more emotional than ever. And without modesty, in the SBC we believe we have managed to do quite an excellent volume in terms of design and story, that is why we are sure you will like a lot.

We gonna be in the XIV salón del manga de Barcelona at the stand F18. Find us and acquired your copy as soon as possible, because this year once again becomes a limited edition with high quality, luxury format tome of 130 pages printed on offset. Because we always offer the best and because we too are readers like you and we know what we like.

Meanwhile, you can go browsing the WEB , where you can see some of the content that will bring new Itaii Itaii.

See you in the Salón del Manga!

PS: Well, I will not be there, but you can see my little comic in the magazine, so if you are over there or have relatives or friends in Spain, don't miss the opportunity to have the magazine... It's luxurious!

PS2: Yeah, the magazine is in spanish, sorry...


Final Fantasy III - Luneth

Luneth, from Final Fantasy III, in Open Canvas. This drawing was for my friend Fresisui, because she's a great fan of this game... and she contaminated me D: (and I never played that doomed game!)


Antara and Izand

Antara and Izand are characters belonging to my friend Carla. I draw them for her birthday.
For Antara, I inspired in Klimt and for Izand in Mucha :)